Four Loop Vehicle Detector Vehicle Detector Loop Installation

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Brand Noble
Serial Number LD-402
Country of Origin Guangdong,China
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Four Loop Vehicle Detector

Four Loop Vehicle Detector For Sale, Four Loop Vehicle Detector price, Four Loop Vehicle Detector Installation on the intersection. Inductive-Loop Traffic Detectors, Loop Detector Wiring Diagram, Vehicle Loop Detector For Sale.Four Loop Vehicle Detector LD-402 is usually installed at intersections, T-junctions, large parking lots, etc.

Four Loop Vehicle Detector

Four Loop Vehicle Detector location and installation:
1. Install Loop Vehicle Detector in a weatherproof enclosure to prevent rain from entering the ground during rainy weather, resulting in the Loop Vehicle Detector not working.
2. The Four Loop Vehicle Detector should be as close as possible to the sensing circuit, because the closer the installation distance is, the stronger the received signal is, the higher the product works.
3. The detector should always be installed away from strong magnetic fields. If the product is installed close to a strong magnetic field, the product will be subject to different degrees of interference during operation.
4. The installation site should take care to avoid high-voltage lines running near the loop vehicle detector, and try to stay away.
5. Do not install the Four Loop Vehicle Detector on a vibrating object. Because there is no way for the vibrating object to work properly.
6. When the control box is installed within 10 meters of the loop vehicle detector, you can use ordinary wires. It is recommended to use multi-core copper wire. When you install the loop detector, the corrects installation, unplug the base, please pull out and insert vertically, no left-right, left-right pull-out and insertion are incorrect, which will cause the product to be easily damaged.

Four Loop Vehicle Detector

For the wire materials used for the installation, please purchase the regular national standard Four loop vehicle detector coil, high-temperature wire, high-temperature resistance, and a variety of colors. (In the procurement process, pay attention to the material of the wire, because some suppliers use ordinary tin-plated wire to pretend to sell high-temperature wire, which is low-priced wire, but the long-term use of hidden danger, please pay attention to the buyer.)
Among them, there are 19 tinned copper wires, different specifications, different brass wire diameters, Teflon outer sheath, high temperature waterproof and anticorrosive, and a loop detector dedicated to coils. (This kind of wire is often used in high-temperature environments to prevent high-temperature oxidation. National regulations and industry specifications use tinned copper wire as conductor, tinned copper wire outside silver-white metal luster, the internal cut is pure copper. So buyers do not have to question Whether the copper is fine.

Note: When installing Four Loop Vehicle Detector coil, pay attention to the following points. When starting to detect the direction of the vehicle, the two Four Loop Vehicle Detector coils should not be installed in the underground distance beyond the length of the passing vehicle. The vehicle staying distance must stay within the installation range of the two Four Loop Vehicle Detector coils. Only when the vehicle stays on the Four Loop Vehicle Detector coil, the vehicle presses the coil, the Four Loop Vehicle Detector can detect the vehicle, and the Four Loop Vehicle Detector feels to work.

Four Loop Vehicle Detector




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