Ground Loop Detector With Inductive Vehicle Loop Detector On Sale

Ground Loop Detector With Inductive Vehicle Loop Detector On Sale
Ground Loop Detector With Inductive Vehicle Loop Detector On Sale

Product Details:

  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD206
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

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  • Price Quote:USD59
  • Minimum Order: 5 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
  • Payment Method:T/T ,Western Union, In cash
  • Package Details:1 Carton/ 25 piece
  • Ability to Supply:3000 Piece/month
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Ground Loop Detector 

Ground loop detector. In the intelligent parking lot industry, vehicle detectors are believed to be familiar to everyone. Due to different application technologies, they can be divided into toroidal coil type vehicle detectors, ultrasonic sensor vehicle detectors, radar detection vehicle detectors, and video detection vehicle detectors. Among them, the toroidal coil type vehicle detector should be the most widely used. It embeds a ground-sensing coil under the lane, which causes a change in the magnetic field of the coil when the vehicle passes. The vehicle detector can calculate parameters such as vehicle flow, speed, and vehicle length according to the change of the magnetic field. In the intelligent parking system, the ground-sensing vehicle detector mainly plays a triggering role to detect whether there is a vehicle on the lane. Because the ground-sensing vehicle detector technology is mature, easy to install, and low in cost, it is widely used in the parking lot industry. 

ground loop detector

As a traditional traffic information ground loop detector device, the toroidal coil vehicle detector has very high reliability. High-Cost performance will be widely used in the future. The coil buried in the ground is connected to the tuning loop supported by the constant current source through a transformer. And an electromagnetic field is generated in the space around the coil. When the vehicle body enters the magnetic field range of the coil, an eddy current from the closed loop is generated in the vehicle iron member. This eddy current is again generated by a new magnetic field in the opposite direction of the original magnetic field. Causes the total inductance of the coil to become smaller. The tuning frequency has deviated from the original value, and the higher frequency is transmitted to the phase. The deviation value is confirmed as compared with the voltage of the voltage controlled oscillator. Thereby signaling the passage or presence of the vehicle. The phase comparator output signal controls the voltage controlled oscillator such that the oscillator frequency tracks the change in the resonant frequency of the coil such that the output is a pulsed signal and the output amplifier amplifies the pulsed signal. And digital, analog and frequency output can be used for speed measurement, the digital signal for vehicle counting.

ground loop detector

Accurate speed measurement and high traffic volume counting accuracy. At present, the accuracy of the speed measurement accuracy of the domestic toroidal coil vehicle detector is very high. Fully able to meet the product standards of the transportation industry. The ground loop detector with CE compilation, vehicle loop detector with Industrial grade design, wholesaler loop detection LED indication. Low cost and easy to install.Automatic Frequency Selection. Therefore our ground loop detector quality can be assured. As a manufacturer of ground loop detector. We export goods to home and aboard. In the past years. We received good feedback from our customer. For us. Good quality and customer is equally important. Because good quality will bring a lot of order. And we will pursuit quality all the way. 

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