Wireless Camera Detection With Wireless Antennas Connect For Detection.

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Brand Noble
Serial Number TCD-8
Country of Origin Guangdong,China
Certificate CE
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote USD620.9
Minimum Order 1 Piece
Average Delivery Time After receiving payment 3-5 working day
Payment Method T/T ,Western Union, In cash
Package Details 1 Carton/ 1 Set (46*19*22cm)
Ability to Supply 3000 pc /month

Wireless Camera Detection

Wireless Camera Detection. There should be no pits, scratches, deformations, cracks, etc. on the outer casing of the wireless camera detection. The coating should be smooth and flat, the color should be uniform, and there should be no defects. Such as wrinkles, blistering and cracking. The logo or test on the body of wireless camera detection (customer's request) should be reasonable, clear, correct, and firm, and must not fall off or be worn. The wireless loop detector structure should be simple, secure, and safe to install and adjust. The material of the wireless camera detector should be environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health. The installation joints shall be provided with a structure with adjustable vertical and lateral angles for installation and construction. The moveable parts shall be flexible, free of jamming, no obvious deformation or uneven unequal defects. 

wireless camera detection


The insulation resistance between the power line segment of the hot sale wireless camera detector and the chassis is under normal conditions. Should be no less than 100 ohms, in a hot and humid state. Should be no less than 2 ohms. The power supply terminal of the detector and the casing shall be able to withstand a sinusoidal AC voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz and effective value of 3000 V for 1 min. No arcing or breakdown shall occur. The video detector is able to start normally under low-temperature conditions (minus 20 degrees) and is functional and logically correct. The video detector can be started at 55 degrees Celsius and can work normally with logic. About the humidity and heat resistance of the video detector. It should be able to withstand a damp heat test of 40 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 90% for 48 hours. The video detector should work properly and be logically correct.

wireless camera detection

Corrosive metal components, casings and mounting brackets of video detectors shall be tested for resistance to smog corrosion tests. Salt spray corrosion test will no longer be required for products that have passed the smog resistance test, but relevant certification documents must be provided. The material is resistant to aging. Paint and plastics materials that are directly exposed to sunlight outside the equipment shall be qualified for use in weathering resistance tests. For products that have passed the aging test, the aging test is not required, but the certificate of conformity is required, and the qualified product will be allowed to be put on the market. Vibration resistance test, after 15 cycles of vibration test. The function should be free of abnormalities and the structure should be free from damage. Parts should be free of looseness. Wind pressure resistance, the video detector can work normally when subjected to wind pressure generated by 40m/s wind speed. Wireless Camera Detection should be sealed to prevent harmful effects from rain, snow, other and dust entering the interior. The degree of protection of the enclosure. Standardize the detection range of the video detector. Detected when the horizontal distance of the nearest lane is equal to 5 meters, and when the horizontal distance of the farthest lane is 40 meters. The relevant parameter measurement is carried out within 200 meters of the traffic flow direction, and the accuracy of the measured parameters is checked.

wireless camera detection









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