Vehicle Loop Detector With Single Channel Loop Detector For Sale

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Brand Noble
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Country of Origin Guangdong China
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Vehicle Loop Detector 

Our vehicle loop detector boasts exceptional quality and is widely utilized for precise vehicle detection needs. Whether it's monitoring access points, safeguarding entryways, or counting vehicles, our loop detectors excel in reliability and accuracy. The output signal from these detectors is integral for controlling door and gate mechanisms, operating barriers, managing traffic light systems in parking facilities, and activating card dispensers.

Key Features:

  • Parking Lot Entrance Detection: Efficiently detects vehicles entering parking lots.
  • Space Information Acquisition: Supports parking space information systems.
  • Single Channel Design: Ideal for integration into traffic and parking management systems.
  • Customization Services: Our professional R&D department offers comprehensive OEM/ODM services to meet specific requirements.
  • Technical Support: Dedicated technical teams assist in testing and provide expert guidance on security system solutions.
  • Sales Training: We provide training courses covering product technicalities and customer service strategies.
  • Guaranteed Quality: We assure top-notch quality, competitive pricing, and superior service for all collaborations, regardless of order size.
  • Specifications: Operates at 220VAC with a rapid reaction time of 20ms.

Whether for large-scale projects or individual requirements, our vehicle loop detector is designed to deliver reliability, precision, and seamless integration into various traffic and security systems.

vehicle loop detector

The vehicle loop detector offers advanced sensitivity with 16 adjustable levels. It operates effectively in environments with relative humidity below 95%. When connecting, utilize the 11-pin socket, ensuring straightforward installation. With a power consumption of approximately 4 watts, it balances efficiency with performance.

For loop coil wiring, ensure a maximum distance of 100 meters, twisted at least 20 times per meter to optimize signal integrity. It functions reliably across temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, with fast response times of 10-90ms for both activation and deactivation.

The single channel loop detector  induces signals ranging from 20-2000uH, making it suitable for varying traffic densities and rapid developments in traffic management. As the demand for traffic information grows, our detector plays a crucial role in gathering data on vehicle flow, speed, classification, occupancy time, and queue length.

Compared to other detection technologies such as video, microwave, and infrared, the toroidal coil vehicle detector stands out for its cost-effectiveness, reliability, accuracy, and all-weather performance. It's widely recognized as the preferred choice in traffic management systems.

Our vehicle loop detector integrates independent detection, data processing, and communication capabilities, offering comprehensive traffic insights suitable for diverse applications. Whether you need a single-channel loop detector or require traffic detection solutions, we provide tailored options to meet your needs.

vehicle loop detector

Features of Vehicle Loop Detector:

  1. Industrial-grade engineering design for robust performance.
  2. Standardized industrial guide installation for easy deployment.
  3. Strong anti-jamming capability ensures stable operation.
  4. Versatile output interfaces suitable for various applications.
  5. Multiple shape options to meet diverse installation needs.
  6. High-temperature stability for reliable performance in all conditions.
  7. Automatic environmental drift compensation maintains accuracy.
  8. Automatic coil fault detection for proactive maintenance.

These features highlight the reliability, flexibility, and advanced capabilities of our vehicle loop detector, making it ideal for a wide range of traffic management and control applications.

vehicle loop detector



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