Vehicle Detection With Double Channel Induction Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle Detection With Double Channel Induction Vehicle Loop Detector
Vehicle Detection With Double Channel Induction Vehicle Loop Detector

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  • Brand:Noble
  • Serial Number: LD-206
  • Country of Origin:Guangdong China
  • Certificate:CE

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  • Price Quote:USD59
  • Minimum Order: 5 Piece
  • Average Delivery Time:After receiving payment 3-5 working day
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  • Package Details:1 Carton/ 50 Set (47*30*29 cm. G/W: 11.76 KG)
  • Ability to Supply:5000 Piece/month
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Vehicle Detection 

Vehicle detection when the detector is powered up, it automatically detects and tunes to the connected coil. This process takes about 5 seconds, and the LED on the top panel will flash (0.5 seconds, 0.5 seconds off) several times. The vehicle detection will perform the coil test during the tuning process. When the inductance of the coil exceeds the allowable range or the open circuit or short circuit occurs, the LED will continuously flash. If the coil test is normal, the LED on the top panel will no longer flash and will enter normal operation (the relay will not pick up at this time). Must enter normal operation even if both coils are normal. When the detector detects that a vehicle arrives, it will pick up the relay corresponding to the standard output and light the corresponding LED indicator; when the vehicle leaves, the relay corresponding to the standard output will be released, and the corresponding LED will be extinguished. Indicator light. If the detector does not respond when the coil is sensed, re-adjust the sensitivity.

vehicle detection

Vehicle detection used for wherever vehicles have to be detected, for example for monitoring and safeguarding accessways or for counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems or activating card dispensers in parking lots. It uses advanced microprocessor technology and can work in diverse environments. Two outputs of them are unlimited when the corresponding loop is permanently covered, while the others are multi-mode that can be set by users. Loop detectors in recent years have become a popular tool having innumerable applications in policing, right from surveillance operations to traffic control. Automation of gates and doors has become a popular usage of the loop detector. The loop consists of several loops of wire and consideration, should be given to the loop sensitivity when installing on different surfaces. Setting the correct sensitivity allows the loop to operate with maximum detection When detection occurs, the detector energizes 2 relays for the output (each can be configured individually). This energizing of the relay can be configured into different modes, by selecting the respective dip switch. Fault Output:   Blinks slowly: It may be because the loop is a short circuit or the no: of turns is not enough. Blinks faster: It may be because the loop is open or the no: of turns is too many. dual channel loop detector, loop detector for sale, vehicle detection. 

vehicle detection

The feature of vehicle detection: 
1.Industrial engineering design concept.
2.Standard industrial guide installation.
3.Strong anti-jamming ability and stability.
4. Variety of output interface adapted to a different scene.
5. Variety of shape choice meets differentiation demand.
6.High-temperature stability.
7.Environment drift automatic compensation function.
8.Coil automatic fault detection function.
9. When the DIP switch is on position or changing the presence output time, Self-detection would be done.
10.ABS align to the pillar which can combine with each other compactly
11. Presence output time can be adjustable.
12. Work mode can be set by the DIP switch.
13. Pulse output or permanent output can be adjustable.

vehicle detection








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