Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector With Double Channel Induction

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Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector

When the detector is powered on, it automatically detects and tunes to the connected coil, a process that takes about 5 seconds. During this time, the LED on the top panel will flash (0.5 seconds on, 0.5 seconds off) several times. The detector performs a coil test during the tuning process. If the coil's inductance exceeds the allowable range or if an open or short circuit occurs, the LED will continuously flash.

If the coil test is successful, the LED on the top panel will stop flashing and the detector will enter normal operation (the relay will not engage at this time). Both coils must be functioning correctly for the system to enter normal operation.

When the detector senses a vehicle, it will engage the relay corresponding to the standard output and illuminate the corresponding LED indicator. When the vehicle leaves, the relay will disengage, and the LED will turn off.

If the detector does not respond when a vehicle is sensed, adjust the sensitivity accordingly.

Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle detection is essential wherever vehicles need to be monitored or counted, such as for safeguarding accessways or traffic management. The output signal from vehicle detectors can control door and gate mechanisms, operate barriers, manage traffic light systems, or activate card dispensers in parking lots. Utilizing advanced microprocessor technology, these detectors can function effectively in diverse environments.

Loop detectors have become increasingly popular for various applications, from surveillance and policing to traffic control. They are commonly used for automating gates and doors. The loop itself consists of several wire loops, and it's important to consider loop sensitivity when installing on different surfaces. Proper sensitivity settings ensure maximum detection efficiency.

When a vehicle is detected, the Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector energizes two relays for output, each of which can be configured individually. The relay modes can be adjusted using the respective dip switches.

Fault Output Indications:

  • Slow Blinking: This may indicate a short circuit in the loop or insufficient turns in the wire.
  • Fast Blinking: This may indicate an open circuit in the loop or too many turns in the wire.

Loop detectors are available for sale and can be configured for dual-channel detection, suitable for a wide range of vehicle detection needs.

vehicle detection

Features of Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector:

These features highlight the's reliability, flexibility, and ease of integration across various operational environments.


  2. Industrial-grade Engineering Design: Built with durable components for reliable performance in industrial settings.

  3. Standardized Industrial Guide Installation: Simplifies deployment with consistent installation procedures.

  4. These features highlight the system's reliability, flexibility, and ease of integration across various operational environments.

  5. Strong Anti-jamming Capability and Stability: Ensures stable operation in challenging electromagnetic environments.

  6. Variety of Output Interfaces: Supports diverse applications with multiple interface options.

  7. Multiple Shape Options: Available in various configurations to meet different installation needs.

  8. High-temperature Stability: Maintains performance integrity in high-temperature conditions.

  9. Automatic Environmental Drift Compensation: Adjusts for environmental changes to maintain accuracy.

  10. Automatic Coil Fault Detection: Alerts operators to coil faults for timely maintenance.

  11. Self-detection on Configuration Changes: Performs self-checks when settings are adjusted for reliability.

  12. ABS Alignment for Integration: Facilitates compact integration with existing structures.

  13. Adjustable Presence Output Time: Customizable to suit specific operational requirements.

  14. Configurable Work Mode via DIP Switch: Offers flexible operation modes without complex setup.

  15. Adjustable Output Modes: Supports both pulse and permanent output configurations.



vehicle detection

Dual-channel Vehicle Loop Detector with coil


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