Traffic Detection Systems

Traffic Detection Systems

Traffic Detection Systems

Traffic detection systems taking small size and stylish case. vehicle detection camera can be used to detect vehicles that are waiting at or near the intersection. In addition. video detection camera for traffic has a vehicle counting function. traffic detection systems can be installed easily on existing or new infrastructure.  video images from the vehicle camera detector enable accurate positioning of multiple to exist detection area. Transmitting relevant information to the traffic signal when the traffic detection system performing vehicle presence detection. In some ways. video detection camera can replace traditional loop detector. when detecting whether have a vehicle. traffic detection systems transmit the results of the test are directly output to our controller. and the traffic signal opportunity dynamically adjusts the release time. Traffic detections system main functions with vehicle presence+data+video. with more and more vehicle appear. traffic detection systems can relieve traffic congestion. 

traffic detection systems Traffic Detection Systems

how to install traffic detection system. First. Mount the traffic detection camera on the stable pole. then put the camera brackets on the pole. Adjust the video detection camera azimuth and elevation to assure that the detection area is in the center of the camera. Second. connect the traffic detection systems to output board. press the crystal head of the reserved cable(Orange-white, orange, green-white, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown) and connecting cable (Cat6) through the cable gland nut cable bracket. Unscrew the double-ended RG45 network waterproof connector and pass through the outer casing and waterproof plug respectively and screw them in the order shown.  Check if the waterproof network interface connector is tight. if there is a gap and fix the waterproof connector. Third.connect the output board and interface board. connect used factory original cable, the hom will lock automatic, Fourth. fixing the traffic detection system in the best position. connection systems. we can view its camera image using the vehicle detection camera PC tool. always ensure that the detection area in the field of the view. tighten all screws after confirming the best position of the video camera detector.

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