Loop Detectors

single channel loop detectors

Loop Detectors

How to Connect the Loop Vehicle Detector Output Signal to Your System:

  1. Loop Coil Connection:

    • Connect the loop coil to PIN7 and PIN8 of the single channel loop detector.
  2. Output Signals:

    • Presence Signal:
      • PIN5 and PIN6 are the presence signal contacts. This signal is used for applications such as parking, toll stations, and traffic control.
    • Pulse Signal:
      • PIN3 and PIN4 are the pulse signal output contacts. This signal is used for counting, triggering, etc.
  3. Power Input:

    • Connect the power to PIN1 and PIN2.
    • Ensure the working voltage of the inductive loop vehicle detector is either 12-24VDC or 100-240VAC.
    • Warning: Do not input 100-240VAC to a 12-24VDC single channel loop detector, as this will damage the detector.

By following these steps, you can correctly connect and configure your single channel loop detector for optimal performance.

Key Features of Our Loop Detectors:

The vehicle loop detector, also known as an inductive car loop detector, is a critical component of parking lot management systems. As vehicles pass over the underground loop coil, the system analyzes the resulting oscillations from the detection circuit, enabling dynamic traffic data collection in real time.

  • Industrial-Grade Design: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Superior Anti-Interference Ability: Maintains stability in varied environments.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Multi-level sensitivity settings cater to diverse requirements.
  • Multiple Output Interfaces: Supports various output interfaces to accommodate different applications.
  • Integration with Boom Barrier Gates: Enables automatic closure after vehicle passage and environment drift compensation.
  • Versatile Applications: Used for vehicle detection, access monitoring, vehicle counting, and more.
  • Output Signal Utilization: Control door and gate mechanisms, operate barriers, and manage traffic light systems in parking lots.

These single channel loop detectors are indispensable wherever accurate vehicle detection and control are essential, ensuring efficient parking management and traffic flow regulation.

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