Single Channel Loop Detectors

Single Channel Loop Detectors

single channel loop detectorssingle channel loop detectors

how to connect the loop detector output signal to your system?
first, Single channel loop detectors mean you only can connect one loop coil to it. normally the loop coil is connected to the vehicle detector plug PIN7 and PIN8. and doorking single channel loop detectors have 2 reply output presence and plus signal.  PIN5 and PIN6 are the magnetic loop detector presence signal contact, the signal can be used for parking, toll station, traffic control, PIN3, and PIN4 are the gate loop detector plus signal output contact. the signal can be used for counting, trig, Etc. more important is power input, PIN1, and PIN2, before you connect it to the power, please make sure the inductive loop vehicle detector working voltage is 12-24VADC or 100-240VAC. if you input 100-240VAC to 12-24VADC single channel loop detectors, the loop detector will be a broken.
second, turn on the power, the loop sensor red LED will turn on. and the green LED will turn off, if the green LED blinks faster, the mean is the loop coil open or the number of the turns is too many.

single channel loop detectors

vehicle loop detector, also call inductive car loop detector, is an important part of the parking lot management system. When the vehicle passes the underground loop coil, the system analyzes the oscillation generated by the detection circuit to realize the data collection of the dynamic traffic, and the collected data can be reflected in real time. it has some features. such as industrial grade design, superior anti-interference ability, and stability. Adjustable Multi-level sensitivity to meet various needs. and it supports multiple output interfaces to adapt to different sections. working with boom barrier gate and it can realize automatic close after the vehicle pass and it also can support for environment drift compensation. Loop detectors are used wherever vehicles have to be detected. Like monitoring and safeguarding access ways to counting vehicles. The single channel loop detectors output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, operating barriers, controlling traffic light systems in car parks. 

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