Radar Speed Feedback Sign

Radar Speed Feedback Sign

 General Description of  Radar Speed Feedback Sign

Radar speed feedback sign is a kind of traffic safety equipment. It is mainly used to give real-time feedback to the driver's current driving speed, helping the driver realize that he is speeding and make immediate adjustments. Through bright LED digital display and intuitive red and green distinction, it constantly prompts, reminds and warns drivers to maintain speed and obey traffic laws.

Our speed limit sign with Built-in radar sensor are designed by us independently, with various and novel styles, and are deeply loved by customers. The biggest feature of our product is that its various parameters can be set through our independently developed mobile app.  For example, you can use the app to set the sensitivity of the Radar speed sign. There are a total of ten sensitivities that can be set.

Radar Speed Feedback Sign



  Why Choose the Radar Speed Feedback Sign

  1. It adopts high-brightness LED imported from Taiwan, with a visible distance up to 300 meters. Even on sunny days, it can provide clear feedback to remind drivers to slow down.

  2. Easy to operate through a mobile phone.

  3. It has a solar power supply mode, which saves energy and is environmentally friendly. It can work for 7-10 days even in rainy days without sunlight.

  4. The radar module has stable performance, working at a frequency of 24.125GHz and detecting speeds from 10 to 250KM/H.

  5. We have worry-free after-sales service. Our company has been researching and developing traffic signal products for 15 years, with a strong team of engineers. We will respond and provide solutions to any product problems or questions in the fastest possible time.

  6. The Radar Speed Feedback Sign of Noble Opto has excellent performance and convenient operation experience, making it an ideal choice for you.

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