automatic door sensor

automatic door sensor Infrared Photocell Sensor For Automatic Door Sensor



The automatic door sensor is powered by a 12/24 (VAC/VDC) supply. The wireless infrared door sensor has a maximum range of up to 10 meters, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It operates in temperatures ranging from -10 to 60℃. The maximum working current for the transmitter (TX) is 25mA, and for the receiver (RX) it is 35mA. The maximum relay contact current is 500mA. The sensor is rated IP55, providing protection against dust and water.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Sunlight: The automatic door sensor can operate effectively even in direct sunlight.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for use with roll-up doors, automated sliding doors, garage doors, and windows.
  • Components: Includes both a transmitter and receiver for normal operation.
  • Anti-Theft System: Detects and alerts when unauthorized persons enter through the garage door.
  • Battery-Free Design: Easy to ship internationally.





Photocell Infrared Beam Sensor with automatic gain adjustment adapts to rain, fog, snow, and other adverse weather conditions. Equipped with special filters and circuits, it is resistant to strong light interference. These photocells are ideal for automatic gates. Optical lenses allow faster and more convenient adjustments with higher accuracy. The design includes a lighting protection circuit.


  1. Opening the Sensor: Lift the front panel of the infrared photocell sensor.
  2. Cable Insertion: Insert the cables into their designated housing.
  3. Mounting the Base: Fix the base to the wall. For wireless infrared door sensors, drill three 5Ø holes and insert appropriate screw anchors. For metal surfaces, drill three 3Ø holes for self-tapping screws.
  4. Making Connections: Connect the wires as needed. If positioned and aligned correctly, the red LED on the receiver will turn off. The LED will light up each time the beam is interrupted.
  5. Covering the Automatic Door Sensor : Replace the front panel, ensuring it snaps into place. Test the relay response by interrupting the beam several times.
  6. Securing the Panels: Secure the front panels with the provided screws.




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