Infrared Photocell Sensor

Infrared Photocell Sensor

Infrared  Photocell Sensor Infrared Photocell Sensor

Infrared photocell sensor power supply with 12/24(VAC/VDC). The wireless infrared door sensor Max. range up 10 meters( indoor and outdoor).  photocell infrared Beam Sensor operates temperature was -10-60℃.  Infrared photocell Max.TX working current was 25mA and Max.RX. the working current was 35mA.  The infrared photocell sensor Max relay contract was 500mA.  The wireless infrared door sensors IP rate was IP55.  Infrared photocell sensor can also anti-sunlight. Photocell Infrared Beam Sensor can be used for coil door, automated sliding door, garage door windows.  Inside of infrared photocell sensor including a transmitter and receiver. then it can be working normally. The infrared photocell sensor was a good Anti-theft system. when some strange people enter the garage door. then the infrared photocell sensor will transmit some information.  the infrared photocell sensor inside without battery. It's easy to ship to oversea. Due to customs are strict with battery export. 


Infrared Photocell Sensor

Photocell Infrared Beam Sensor gain automatic adjustment, adapt to rain fog, snow, and other bad weather. Special filters and circuits, resistant to strong light interference. the photocells for automatic gates also. Optical lenses faster adjustment, more convenient and more accurate. with lighting protection circuit design.  the installation of an infrared photocell sensor. To open the  Infrared photocell sensor, lift the front panel of the photocell. Insert the cables in their housing and fix the base to the wall. if the wireless infrared door sensor has to be mounted on the wall, drill the three 5Ø holes and fit suitable screw anchors. if the infrared photocell sensor has to be mounted on metal, drill the three 3Ø holes for fitting with self-tapping screws. make the connections. If positioning, alignment has been carried out properly, the red LED on the receiver will be off. Each time the ray is interrupted, the LED switches on. Cover the photocell with the front panel. Insert to the stop and close it. interrupt the ray several times checking the relay response. Fix the front panels with provided screws. 





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