Video Vehicle Detector With Wireless Video Camera Detector For Sale

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Brand Noble
Serial Number TCD-8
Country of Origin Guangdong China
Certificate CE
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Package Details 1 Cartons / Set
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Video Vehicle Detector 

Video Vehicle Detector With 16 channel Output. There will be an output board for signal transmission. The video vehicle detector is a self-developed vehicle detection device. It uses a high-performance DSP as a processing platform. It uses the latest computer vision analysis and pattern recognition algorithm technology to enter, leave, exist, and press (double) yellow. Lines, illegal lane change and other behaviors are detected; at the same time, the equipment also has the function of analyzing and detecting various basic traffic information data. The basic data that can be detected include traffic flow, lane average speed, vehicle instantaneous speed, lane occupancy rate, vehicle density, Information such as vehicle type; features such as high detection rate, low false alarm rate, accurate triggering, and all-weather work.

video vehicle detector

Using unique background automatic learning, compensation, direction determination, and other algorithms, it can effectively filter the interference factors such as lack of night light, road surface water reflection, vehicle shadow, camera shake, pedestrian, battery car, motorcycle, etc., reducing false positives. The I/O output interface adopts photoelectric isolation device, which has the characteristics of high stability and long service life. At the same time, the input and output signals are isolated, which effectively avoids the possibility that the core device of the device is damaged by an external voltage breakdown. The device uses RS232 and optical port interface to seamlessly interface with intelligent traffic bayonet and red light capture system. The product can detect the state of vehicle entry, departure, presence, etc., and gives different trigger signals through I/O, The product can automatically capture images and perform JPEG images when the vehicle passes by. Compress and automatically upload the image to the server of the specified IP. Allows you to create a new detection area at any time, or edit and modify one detection area, while not affecting the normal operation of other detection areas. Then, once the new detection The locale is saved and it starts testing immediately, without having to re-learn the background.

video vehicle detector

The dynamic video of the intersection can be remotely viewed through the network channel, and the remote parameter configuration of the networked intersection device can be performed, and the operation is simple and easy to use. When we reference the video camera detector. It normally in standard intersection and T junctions. The Video Vehicle Detector is a large-area, multi-function detector with completely different characteristics and detection capabilities than other vehicle detectors. It should reflect its unique detection functions in the standard, such as queue length and cross-line. Travel and so on. Video camera detector can be working with the traffic light controller system. video loop detector can replace the traditional vehicle loop detector. Due to the development of the city. High technology is a requirement. What's more. our video camera detector can be working with the speed reader. But it needs additional software. Then it can be working perfectly. Noble will provide good sales service and good quality product.  Believe that our product is accepted by more and more people.  

video vehicle detector






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