Four Channel Traffic Detector With China Supplier Vehicle Loop Detector

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Brand Noble
Serial Number LD-402
Country of Origin Guangdong China
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Four Channel Traffic Detector

Four channel traffic detector is used for detecting metal objects such as a vehicle. It is suitable for parking lot systems, road vehicle toll stations, and signal traffic control system. It is a four-channel type that can be connected to four sets of ground sensing coils to realize the discriminating functions of the direction of the vehicle entry and exit.  The four-channel traffic detector loop detector with multiple-purpose LED the panel indicates various operating states. The DIP switch is used to set the detector operation mode, including presence mode, automatic sensitivity boost, channel sensitivity level, and frequency selection, and panel configuration reset button. The output interface is available in either replay or solid state mode. The product is independently developed by the company, with strong production, excellent performance, stable operation, and reasonable price. It is widely used in the parking lot management, highway toll stations, signal light controller and Mutil- intersection. Four channel vehicle detector/four-way loop detector/four-way traffic light detection. 

four channel traffic detector

Working voltage:   12-24VDC
Power consumption:    <4watt 
Output mode:     Relay output 
Operating frequency range: 20KHz-80 KHz
Relation time:    20 milliseconds
Sensitivity:    0-16 adjustable 
Coil inductance: 100-300μH (including connecting cable)
Maximum:  20μH-2000μH (including connecting cable)
Coil connection:  up to 100meters, at least 20 times per meter, total resistance less than 10 ohms.
Working temperature: -20 -+55°C
Storage temperature: -40-+70°C
Relative humidity:  ≤95%
Shell:  PC+ABS plastics
Product Color:  White
Net weight:  0.45KG 

Industrial-grade design, mainly used for vehicle presence detection and direction detection, suitable for safe access control or vehicle counting in the field of traffic and parking. The two replays are the infinite presence outputs of the two coils, respectively. The output signal can be used to control the automatic door, the brakes, the traffic lights, and the automatic card issuing machine in the parking system to realize the function of one car and one card. Its direction detection function can be used to achieve vehicle traffic statistics. Noble four-way traffic light detection feature was more safety and more stable. 

Four Channel Traffic Detector


The feature of four channel traffic detector:

1. High reliability, high power surge suppression capability, the coil input transformer isolation, and Zener diode protection to prevent external interference. 

2. High stability, automatic temperature calibration, and frequency adaptation. 

3. Users can choose different frequencies to avoid causing a machine failure.

4. The internal design of high-performance microprocessor and high stability oscillation circuit, using channel sequential scanning technology to eliminate crosswalk between coils.

5. Multi-purpose LED indication, panel DIP switch sets the detector working mode.

6. Four channel loop detector with super anti-interference ability, automatic fault detection, support vehicle driving direction detection.  

Four Channel Traffic Detector








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