main power traffic controller system


Main power traffic controller system 

main power traffic controller system deal with the traffic crowed problem.  NobTra main power intelligent  controller system suitable for various intersection.  For example.  T-junction, 4 way intersection and complex intersection.  NobTra traffic controller system with the 16 signal group channel output. GPS time synchronization, traffic actual, pedestrian push button, green wave are our intelligent traffic light controller features.

main power traffic controller system

NobTra  main power traffic controller system was a developed, intelligent traffic controller. The controller adopts an embedded system to centrally control traffic lights, which makes the operation more stable. The whole machine adopts a modular design, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. Using communication methods such as Ethernet, optical fiber and 4G, the entire system can be remotely controlled in real-time at any place covered by the Internet. The friendly human-computer interaction interface allows you to more conveniently configure and monitor the status of each intersection. Easy to set the parameters and simple wiring methods classified. NobTra second-generation main power control system solves the traffic crowed problem. Base on the actual situation of the intersection. The Maximum set 240 menus with 30 phases and also can set the different time period traffic light plan. Stagger the rush hour.The traffic crowed problem can be solved well.  

main power traffic controller system


The advantage of the Main power traffic controller system:

1. Built-in wireless module,the farthest wireless tranmission distance is 10 meters.

2.Control by Mobile APP, it's convenient for the program and debugging on the site

3. Good compatibility.Setting parameter by mobile phone,a computer,a tablet,or a notebook,you can easily connect it. 

4.GPS for real-time synchronous, make green wave function come true.

5.Signal plan: Allowing 240 solution,30 period time, 240 menus with 60 phases. Allowing week plan, special day plan, All red time, red extension, etc.

6.The controller can be set up with a week plan setting (Monday to Sunday) and Holiday plan setting. 

7.With portable design. Easy to carry and install.

8. This system is suitable for all kinds of common intersections, such as Cross-roads, T-shaped intersections, single-shaped intersections, etc., The controller with 16 signal group output. 

9. Support multiple communication methods. Ethernet communication, WIFI communication, GPRS communication,4G communication.

10. Support single-computer communication and centralized control communication mode of the upper computer. Centralized control of multiple intersections in the city can be achieved through centralized control.

11.Control center monitoring function. The traffic control system can realize remote control center monitoring, online PC terminal for traffic flow control and manual intervention.

12. Main power traffic light controller can work with the traffic light, video camera detector, push-button,loop detector or another device.

13. Support various special menus. Such as turn off the display, yellow flashing on all sides, all red on all sides, etc.. Software traffic management control system with remote administration function. Such as junction off, Hurry call, Forced flashing, etc

14. Google, Bing, etc map no need to update the map support online map and offline map data.

15. NobTra main power traffic controller system With good heat dissipation and adapt to various environments.

main power traffic controller system


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