Dual Way Loop Detector

dual way loop detectorDual Way Loop Detector

Dual way loop detector working power was 12-24VDC and 110-240VAC.and loop inductance was 20-2000uH. dual channel loop detector with the function of automation restart. vehicle detector sensor environment compensation was automatic drift compensation. Dual way loop detector can be working temperature -40 degree to 70 degrees. In addition. dual way loop detector has coil fault function. the most important was that vehicle detector sensor electronic components made in Japan and Taiwan. Quality can be guaranteed. vehicle detector sensitivity was 16-way select-able levels from 0.008% DL/L To 2.50% DL/L. Dual channel loop detector quality warranty was 2 years. and our Dual-way loop detector application in industrial doors and gates, barrier gate, Roller shutter traffic intersection, and parking bollards. the dual-way loop detector doesn't influent some RFID reader(125khz).and some vehicle (some small car, motorcycles, Truck, Different type car) pass on. then the dual channel loop detector can detect. 

Dual-Way Loop Detector

Dual way loop detector reaction speed was 1sec. and our vehicle loop detector material is very stronger and not easy to damage. and our engineer tested it many times. Dual channel loop detector light protection was 40000v. Dual channel vehicle detector sensitivity and frequency of the loop can be adjusted by 7-way dip switch and 10-way dip switch setting. The user can select 8 different setting by the change the setting of the dip-switch to different modes as in the dip-switch setting tables below: Dip switch 6,7 and 8 for CH1 sensitivity selection with 0.8 being the least sensitive and 0.015 being the most sensitive. the dual way loop detector working frequency adjustable by two DIP switch(switch 1=S1) D9&D10 and (switch 2 =S2) D6, D7 setting frequency (20K to 100KHz). vehicle detector sensor replay output method was(Switch 1=S1) D3, D4, D5 and (Switch 2=S2), D1, D2 setting special functions(Model 1,2,3 Direction detection). Mode 4,5,6 Normal mode, two loop detection are separated.)


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