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Quick Details of red yellow green traffic countdown timer

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China                      Brand Name: NOBLE

Product name: 2020 Hot New High Waterproof LED Traffic Countdown Timer for Roadway

Colour: Red Yellow Green                                   Application: Traffic Safety

Light source: 5mm LED                                     Size:500mm

Power: 10W                                                      Voltage:12-24VDC/100-277VAC

Warranty: 2 Years                                              Housing Material:  PC Plastic Anti-UV

Packing:  Carton


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details     1 Carton/ 1 Set
China Factory Supplied Top Quality Smart LED Traffic Countdown Timer for T-type Junctions for 2 Years Warranty

Port: Shen Zhen


Product Description

There are 3 physical pictures (1red +1 green +1 yellow)The 500MM countdown colour are red, yellow and green. If the customer only needs one colour, such as a red wick, install a red 5050 LED on the power board. If two colour changes are required, install a 5050 LED in one. Need to count down the three colours of red, yellow and green, you can install three in one 5050 LED lamp beads.
countdown timer
countdown timer
countdown timer

Project case




There are many applications of 500MM countdown. The following two pictures are customer feedback diagrams.   


Vietnam customer feedback map US customer feedback map

500mm LED countdown timer


This picture is a combination of countdown and arrow lights. This set is exported to Vietnam. The countdown is common to the three arrow lights. Go straight, left and right. You can travel together.   


500mm LED countdown timer


The picture on the right is a feedback diagram from American customers. In the United States, the habit of using traffic lights in many regions is to use the full-screen and other countdown lights. The countdown lights mostly use two-in-one 5050LED lamp beads. When it is red, the countdown is also red. When it is green, the countdown is green. 








Detailed Images

Product detail drawing

500mm LED countdown timer

 This is the 500MM countdown signal that needs to enter the ageing room before shipping to ageing the product. In this way, it can not only ensure the normal operation of the product, but also ensure that the normal operating product can be shipped to the customer

500mm LED countdown timer

This is the size chart of the 500MM countdown. The size of 88 two numbers is 536mm*304mm. The size of the shell is 600*775MM. 


500mm LED countdown timer

This is the size chart of the 400MM countdown bottom case, 149mm thickness, 477mm width 




Introduction of product advantages or application effect or application mode

500MM countdown lamp product picture display 

This is the front, side and back view of the 500mm countdown signal light. 

500mm LED countdown timer
500MM countdown light product application and details
500MM countdown light products can be used alone or with arrow lights and full-screen lights. The 500MM countdown signal light uses an aluminium casing, and the L-shaped bracket is used for fixing, which is more convenient for installation.


500mm LED countdown timer
This is the rear view of the 500MM countdown signal light
This is the rear view of the 500MM countdown signal light. In the picture, you can see the way the wire is led out. A lead hole is punched in the lower right corner of the back. The wires of the power board in the signal light can be led out here. The drawn wire can be combined with other products. In this way, simultaneous conversion of colours can be satisfied.


500mm LED countdown timer


This picture is about the company's product display
There are signal lights of 100MM, 200MM, 300MM, and 400MM in the picture. The difference between the 500MM countdown signal lamp and other signal lamp models is obvious from the picture. There is a signal light with 88 countdown and a signal light with 188 countdown.


500mm LED countdown timer PROJECT
Product Presentation

Countdown Timer Product introduction: application, function, style, etc

The following configuration is a product diagram + table with the specific parameters of the configuration product

500mm LED countdown timer
Performance Specifications:
1、Low energy consumption.
2、Larger visual angle.
3、Long lifespan.
4、Novelty design and excellent appearance.
5、Multi-ply sealed waterproof protection.
6、Special optical lensing system, high chroma uniformity.
7、Accord with national standard GB-14887-2007.
8、Power supply adapt to international voltage
SHENZHEN NOBLE OPTO CO., LTD has been and will always be striving to improve its production quality standards as well as making production operations more efficient and environmentally friendly. ( such as countdown timer, full ball traffic light, pedestrian traffic light and so on.)
There are certificates of conformity showing we comply with relevant international quality standards such as
EN12368,FCC,RoHS,CE,ISO9001,Software copyright and pateent foor utility models utility model patent.
500mm LED countdown timer
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