Why choose infrared Photoeye instead of feeling? The reason


Why choose infrared Photoeye instead of feeling? The reason is...

The concept of infrared, many people at first thought of may be the film of thieves crossing the system of infrared rays into the theft. This has always been a very thrilling plot. When someone blocks the infrared, the alarm goes off. So when it comes to infrared shooting, there's always been a lot of applications. Let's introduce some cases of infrared shooting today. As can be seen from the following figure, the infrared shooting is installed outside the parking lot, in the underground parking lot, if the induction car enters, the parking bar will automatically open, without the parking bar. For example: infrared and signal light connection, infrared ray installation Outlet in the bottom parking lot. A vehicle ready to drive out of the car park passed, infrared sensing vehicles, the car park entrance lights turned red ," remind traffic waiting, can not enter ." know the vehicle driving away, the signal light turns green, the vehicle can pass. The same method can be used for the entrance and exit of various parking lots. This is a combination of infrared shooting and traffic lights.

Why choose infrared Photoeye

The second can be used for garage door, apartment door automatic door, home door, supermarket door and so on. As can be seen in this picture, many customers will also choose to install infrared outside the door, sensing the entry and exit of vehicles can automatically open the door, the installation of infrared shooting equipment in the garage door has been very common use. And there's a lot of benefits, Outdoor double beam gain automatic adjustment,adapt to rain,fog,snow and other bad weather;Special filters and circuits,resistant to strong light interference;Optical lenses,faster adjustment,more convenient and more accurate;Lightning protection circuit design. has many advantages and many applications.(Why choose infrared Photoeye).

garage door


Whether that many people think, infrared and sense of the use of the principle is the same. Ground sensing metal process, mostly used in parking lots, parks and so on, combined with the use of boom gate, the addition of ground sensing also needs to destroy the road, the sense of the ground into, in the ground sensing, only the weight to meet the requirements to make the sense of the ground to play a role. And infrared shooting is mainly objects blocking infrared will play a role. The installation of infrared is also very convenient, only need to be installed in the place of a hole can be installed. There are also three infrared models, one wired, two wireless, wireless has a directional, there is also a  is 180° rotating.Why choose infrared Photoeye,the reason is easy. 

Wireless infrared

shooting is mostly used to smooth the ground, so that the installation will not be due to the ground or wall twists and turns, infrared can not play a role, but in many places will also appear non-smooth wall, so that you can directly use 180° for shooting. The choices vary.

NOBLE company launched the three infrared shooting, has been hot-selling products, with the sense of the product can also try to change the use of this product, infrared shooting has been more and more widely used.


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