Countdown Timer Traffic Signal light function introduction


Countdown Timer Traffic Signal light

Countdown Timer Traffic Signal light the range of use is very wide, there are many cases when high-power traffic lights and countdown are combined. Among the customers of our company, some countries like to use the combination of countdown and signal lights. The power of traffic lights is divided into high power and low power. Sometimes some customers like high power traffic lights, and the countdown brand can only use low power. The engineers of our company can meet this condition. As shown in the figure, the five wicks combined traffic lights, two arrows, there are two full-screen lights.  Arrows and full-screen lights are high-power wicks, while countdown wicks are low-power.  And the colour of the countdown time is based on which signal light around it is turned on and what colour is bright.  This can save more costs.  The function of the countdown is to remind the passing vehicles of the waiting time.  For example, when the red light is on, the countdown shows that the red lamp beads will also light up. According to the time designed by the control system, the green light will turn on, and the countdown will change to a green countdown, and then be based on the time designed by the control system.  In this way, we can know that the countdown lamp beads can be in the form of three-in-one lamp beads. As long as the corresponding controller is connected, the colour change of the countdown can also be synchronized with the surrounding traffic lights.

Countdown Timer Traffic Signal light


The next case is related to the control system. The combined use of the control system and the countdown traffic light can mainly start from the matching of the parameters of the control system design and the parameters on the lamp beads, and they can be used together as long as the parameters are related. Noble's second-generation control machine can be used for mobile phone APP operation. The picture shows a photo of a customer using the control system, traffic lights and countdown, the control system is connected to the signal lights of each phase, the time in this direction, Both the plan and the model can be fixed, and the use of the Countdown Timer Traffic Signal light is also very simple, just like all the signal lights and a control mechanism.  he countdown is just to let the travelling vehicle know the countdown waiting time.

traffic light

This is a picture of a case sent by a customer. The customer asked for two sets of traffic lights and a countdown at the intersection. The customer purchased a 400-size 3-lamp series, and the countdown size also used 400MM. This design and match is very suitable for this wide street. The installation method is also very convenient. The wire of the wick is directly pulled out for connection, and the wire of the control system is connected to the main wire, so that the integrated work can be completed.

generation control

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